1st (Sat)

Monthly Youth Meeting after Mass
2nd (Sun)
【1st Sunday of Advent 】
《 Collection for the missionaries all over the world 》
☆ Japanese Mass 09:30
 Church meeting after Mass
 Tea Room opens after Mass
☆ Tagalog Mass 16:00
3rd (Mon)
The anniversary of Father Waret J.M.A. Julien’s death
6th (Thu)
Regio Marie after Mass of 10:00
7th (Fri)
JOYFUL CHRISTMAS participated: Various Churches in Kawagoe at Westa Kawagoe
8th (Sat)
9th (Sun)
【2nd Sunday of Advent 】
☆ Japanese &Vietnamese Mass 09:30~
 Confession in Advent after Mass after individual Mass
 Books and Cards Shop Opens by St. Paul
 Tea Room opens after Mass
 Practice of the sacred songs after Mass
 Closing ceremony of Sunday School after Mass
☆ English Mass  15:00~
13th (Thu)
Regio Marie after Mass of 10:00
16h (Sun)
【 3rd Sunday of Advent】
☆ International Mass officiated
    by the Bishop Mario Michiaki YAMANOUCHI 09:30~
    Meditation for the Advent & Party afterward
 No Tea Room Service
☆ Vietnamese Mass 15:00~
22nd (Sat)
Special cleaning day before Christmas 09:00~
one-onigiri-gathering for Christmas 09:30~
23rd (Sun/National Holiday)
【 4th Sunday of Advent】
☆ Japanese/ Tagalog Mass together with Children  09:30~
☆ Portuguese Mass 16:00~
24th (Mon)
【Christmas Eve 】
《 Special Collection Day for Christmas 》
☆ Midnight Mass (18:00 and 21:00)
 Party after individual Mass
25th (Tue)
【 Christmas Day 】
《 Special Collection Day for Christmas 》
☆ Christmas Mass  10:00~
 Party after Mass
30th (Sun)
【 Feast Day of Holy Family 】
☆ Japanese Mass 09:30~
January 2019
1st (Tue. Holiday)

【the Holy Mother of God】
〔the World Peace Day〕
☆ Mass 0:00 midnight
☆ Mass 11:00 (Blessing to New Adults)
  Tea Party after Mass
5th (Sat)
Monthly Youth Meeting after 18:00 Mass
6th (Sun)
☆ Japanese Mass 09:30
  Church Meeting after Mass
  Opening Ceremony of Church School after Mass
  Tea Room Opens after Mass
☆ Tagalog Mass 16:00
10th (Thu)
Regio Marie after Mass
12th (Sat)
One-ONIGIRI-gathering 16:00
13th (Sun)
【Baptism of Jesus Christ】
☆ Japanese & Vietnamese Mass 09:30
  Tea Room opens after Mass
  Practice of Sacred Songs after Mass
☆ English Mass 15:00
14th (Mon. Holiday)
New Year Concert 12:30
17th (Thu)
Regio Marie after Mass
18th (Fri)
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (until 25th)
20th (Sun)
【2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time】
☆ Japanese Mass  09:30
  Tea Room opens after Mass
☆ Vietnamese Mass 15:00
24th (Thu)
Regio Marie after Mass
27th (Sun)
【3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time】
《International Day of Cooperative Children》
☆ Japanese & Tagalog Mass with Children 09:30
  All Member Meeting (during 09:30 Mass)
  Tea Room opens after Mass
☆ Portuguese Mass 16:00
  Saitama Western Blocs Meeting at Kawagoe 14:00



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