■ ANNOUNCEMENTS from the Parish

    ***  Notice for the Sale of Foods Produced in Fukushima-ken  ***

  After the each Mass on August 24th and 25th, foods from "Fukushima Vegetable Field" are going to be sold at the church.   The safety of above products have been confirmed by the authority concerned.   Since this is taken place to support farmers in Fukushima-ken, please drop in the shop and buy them by all means when the Mass is over!.

    ***  Supporters of Kibou-no-Dial-Saitma requesting donation  ***

  “Supporters of Kibou-no-Dial-Saitama (Volunteering group of telephone counseling)” will join Michaelmas on September 29th by holding bazaar.
  We kindly ask you to donate household goods, food, and handmade goods (except clothes). Please put items in the box located at the entrance. We will accept donations until September 29th.

    ***  Informations from the Election Committee  ***

1. Election of the Three Officials of the Parish Committee
  The recommendation for the above Officials will be recruited from August 24th (Sat) to October 13th (Sun) until 11:00 a.m. Please fill out the names of recommended candidates on the papers (Election for the Officers of the Parish Committee) which are placed in the entrance hall of the church, and put it in the “ballet box”.
  Since the five members of the Election Committee select the candidates for new officers,please be noted that they are not included in the candidates for the Three Officers.
  The Three New Officers will be announced on Sunday, November 3rd .

2. Recruitment of the New Members of Each Section of the Parish Committee
  Please fill the required items in the “Participation Application Form” and place it in the “Participation Application Collection Box” from August 24th (Sat) to October 13th (Sun).
  However, recruitment of the members will be accepted throughout the year even after October 13th. Even in case you have currently taken part in activities in any section, you are requested to apply again.

3. Election of New Manager, Deputy Manager, Representative and Vice-Representative
  After New Officers have been decided, a list of new members who have applied to each section will be distributed to the section concerned. Each section will have a meeting on any day between November 3rd (Sun) and November 17th (Sun), and report the name of the new manager, deputy manager, representative and vice-representative to current Three Officers by November 24th (Sun).


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