■ ANNOUNCEMENTS from the Parish

    ***  Notice for the Sale of Foods Produced in Fukushima-ken  ***

  After the each Mass on April 27th and 28th, foods from "Fukushima Vegetable Field" are going to be sold at the church.   The safety of above products have been confirmed by the authority concerned.   Since this is taken place to support farmers in Fukushima-ken, please drop in the shop and buy them by all means when the Mass is over!.

    ***  Flower Festival  ***

  Also this year, the Flower Festival which celebrates the month of Virgin Mary is held as follows:
  Let’s celebrate this day as a multinational church with united hearts. As everyone is welcome, please visit the church and join us.
  Before the second Mass (09:30), children and youth dress up and parade the street of the church neighborhood.The participation of many girls is very welcome.In case you need a suitable dress, please contact the persons in charge. (The deadline is the end of April.)

     Date: 12th(Sun) May,2019【4th Sunday of Easter 】
     Japanese Mass: 7:30am~
     Parade: Starts at 9:30am
     International Mass: After parade (No English Mass 3:00pm)
     Food booths open: After Mass


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